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Due to TEC GRUPPE’s internal, positive new developments, which we would like to present at TEC WORLD,
the event is postponed for now.

The new date will be announced as soon as possible.


Is the Austrian society ready for technological change?
The automation of society is in full swing. The Internet of everything and the age of Cyborgs have begun.
Until 2020, more than 800,000 IT specialists in the European job market are missing.
We therefore need new business models, experimental working programs and interdisciplinary integration.
Artificial intelligence and security will be relief or nightmare. Where are we? How ready are we?






Welcome | Introduction


13.00 – 14.30
parallel, technical cafés, which focus on security, performance and digitalization


14.30 – 14.45


14.45 – 15.10
ARE YOU READY for tailored logistics solutions at Rail Cargo Group?
Ing. Bernhard Mittermann, MSc / Rail Cargo Austria AG


15.10 – 15.40
ARE YOU READY for privacy 2.0? Implementation of the DSGVO on the basis of ISO 27001
Helmut Fidi MSc, data protection expert CoreTEC, certified ISO 27001 Auditor
and lecturer at the FH Technikum Wien & FH Campus 02 Graz


15.40 – 16.10
ARE YOU READY to sprint? The innovation sprint. How Google and Slack actually work
when they are testing market potential and market acceptance of a new product.
Simon Severino, Executive Advisor, Strategy Sprints
Markus Messner, ONTEC


16.10 – 16.40
ARE YOU READY for the change of corporate cultures?
New business requirements due to agile working methods and digitalization.
DI Anton Jessner (Agile Coach) Natural Scrum Enabler


16.40 – 17.00


17.00 – 17.30
ARE YOU READY for the current development of artificial intelligence?
From AI to AGI.

Dr. Isabel Kunst, CEO Xephor Solutions


17.30 – 18.15
ARE YOU READY for DUALISTA? 1 job, 2 companies–
The experimental dualjob program of the TEC GRUPPE & start-up rap

Dr. Irene Fialka, CEO of INiTS University start-up Service Vienna


18.15 – 18.30


18.30 – 19.00
ARE YOU READY for the Cyborg Generation? Why people become cyborgs.
Moon Ribas, cyborg artist and co-founder Cyborg Foundation


CONCLUSION| Beer tasting & beer bar by Stiegl



Short technical speeches and information exchange in a relaxed atmosphere with coffee and cakes.

TECafé 2.1

ARE YOU READY for synchronized security?
From signatures to machine deep learning |
Sophos 1985-2017+
How did defense systems of IT-security change in the past 30 years?
Machine learning is the latest hype. – Is this statement correct and what does machine learning really achieve?
Friedrich Haidn (Senior Sales Engineer), Sophos Technology GmbH








Processing security related incidents from log-files
via artificial intelligence

Modules for data income, processing and output are combined flexibly in an abstract data format, in order to generate safety information and incidents and to allocate these data for applications such as log management, SIEM or any artificial intelligence for further processing.
DI Wilhelm Demuth, schoeller

TECafé 2.2

ARE YOU READY for the breach?
The spate of ‚cyber’-breaches doesn’t come to an end.
Is protection even possible?

We reveal, which steps you have to take, so that you can be reassured you are well-prepared for contemporary and future compliance defaults (like the new DSGVO).
Christian Linhart, Gemalto SafeNet


Playing in the sandpit with Check Point
Anonymous attacks are responsible for the major part of
dangerous infections and downtimes of your infrastructure.
In our sandpit you can learn how to protect against the unknown.

Patrick Fetter Msc., Check Point


Do you know what’s going on in your network?
You can only protect yourself properly, if you know your network!
ForeScout ConterACT reveals some tools, which will help you
detecting things, that are often covered. The tools shown will also
support you in managing these systems.
Utilizing a very small resource-volume and
without the constant force of updating,
Cylance allows to block malware, before it can be accomplished.

Jan Tietze, Cylance
Daniel Künzli, ForeScout


DUALISTA, the dual job program of the TEC GRUPPE, offers future employees the best of all worlds: flexible, individual and above all secure jobs.

“Nowadays nobody wants to make a lifelong commitment to one company or work field at the very beginning of his career. We want to allow young IT enthusiasts to get familiar with different work environments, before they decide what way they want to do. Of course we as a company benefit from having employees with wider backgrounds as opposed to people who are only familiar with the processes of just one company.”
(Mag. Joerg Spreitzer, Head of Strategy and Innovation, TEC GRUPPE)

more details?

The START-UP RAP gives 3 start-ups with focus on smart digital technologies and artificial intelligence the chance to fight for future employees.



The following start-ups are on stage:

Image Biopsy Lab
Medbee GmbH

In cooperation with INiTS



Readiness presentations focusing
igital security, digital innovation, digital technology


TECafés – Moderated coffee chats about security,
performance und transformation


DUALISTA and start-up rap
the experimental dualjob program


Beer tasting
sponsored by Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg GmbH


Moon Ribas,
Cyborg artist and co-founder Cyborg Foundation

Moon Ribas has implanted a sensor that vibrates if the earth is shaking somewhere in the world.
Together with Neil Harbisson Ribas founded the Cyborg Foundation in 2010, which helps people to become cyborgs. (Harbisson has an implanted sensor in his head)

in cooperation with



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